Is there LOVE on line?

       A few decades ago these wonders like FB, Twitter, Blogs, Gravatar, # tags, etc….. they were unheard of, in my world, that is. When did it all start and what planet was I on? What did we do with all the time we are spending on line these days?

      Being a Yoga teacher, you know, all shanti-bindi-lovelight  kind of girl, I personally had a serious problem with  the life style that came with those wonders. Just a few years ago I was astonished to hear that some people choose to spend 9 hours in front of their blinking devices, all slouched and glued to the screen. Come on, people! Don’t you have a life to live? When do you do yoga, create  stuff, make your smoothies and take care of kids, etc?

         I also remember the feeling that I was not going where the world was going.  I felt as if there was this big great energy taking place and I was not a part of it. It is like the train was leaving and I was not on it. I still know a few people who never heard about Skype (my mum and my friend’s nana) and they do not own a computer. I thought to be like that too, thank God I got over myself. “Computers? Technology? What Bullshit! We should all live with nature, sing mantras by the fire and watch the stars together. We need to get rid of all the nonsense, meditate, hug each other and learn to communicate telepathically!” Yes, these used to be my thoughts…….   

       Here I am, 10 years later, in a yoga pose, that keeps my spine erect, glued to my own blinking devise, learning, sweating and swearing non yogicly at times. Wow, and I thought that head stand was hard to learn.  I wonder if I ever manage to meditate my way through this one. I learn about Gravatar, I google how to use WordPress, how to re size pictures… and all the other stuff, you know. Why do I do this? Why do I make my life so much harder? Having a demanding yoga body with a strict discipline, and a Russian dyslexic mind is already enough to deal with. We all have a life to live, zillion of things and people to take care of, food to prepare, places to go to (oh, they better haveWi Fi). Why do we do all this? Why do we run to our computers that became our best friends? Seriously, I find myself more and more often sitting next to someone who’s company I really enjoy and have a lot to share with, staring at my blinking device, writing, speaking to friends who are far away. Holy guacamole! Why?

  After looking deeply into the subject, from the yogic point of view, you know the one that wants us all by the fire place, singing and dancing, chanting and sharing….. I came to realize this.

      The world has changed tremendously, whether my bindi-shmindi, shanti-shmanti lovelight kind of girl likes it or not. We have more on our plates today than we had a decade ago.  The pace of the world is faster. The pulse of the Universe has changed. We have a lot to breathe through; we have more things to learn, more subjects to explore and more activities to engage in… if we want to stay aligned. We want to stay connected to the world as it is right now, and with each other.  We blog, we Facebook, we Twitter… on top of all the other stuff we have to do as human beings.

     We are making an effort to stay together, even if it is just on line…. Who cares? I am in Thailand and you are in Tokyo and we can share a few intimate moments together…. on line.

        We upgrade ourselves and each other by sharing ourselves with one another… We stay together not geographically, but energetically. Who cares if we are not gathered by the fire place, right? We are still in this together. I convinced myself that learning to navigate through the web world is just like learning yoga: it is hard at first, you kind of don’t know why you bother making that huge effort… but then you feel good and connected at the end.

    I believe in many things in this world, good things, and awesome things. Above all, I believe that INSPIRATION is the greatest of gifts we can offer to others. We never know where our honest words will go and who’s life will be influenced by our truth.  Whether we do it through a spoken word or a written word makes no difference at all. It is our energy that travels through space and time without any limits. We can smile at each other from opposite sides of this planet. We can reach out from our bedrooms, through our laptops and make a difference in this world.

So, is there a life on line?. I never thought I would be the one to say this. Yes. Abso.. freaking.. lutely. On line….Off line….. Out of line. Life is where Love is. We are all connected through our heart beats and loving thoughts of each other. We are connected though love and deep caring for one another; whether we are in the same room, by the same fire place or in different countries is irrelevant. Love takes place in the heart…. And heart beats are everywhere. As long as we remember that…. we are doing fine!


2 thoughts on “Is there LOVE on line?

  1. Anna exotic yogini, always a pleasure reading you! More please, I am this age of obsession I much prefer to follow you than to read the newspaper or watch the horrifying news…
    You’re my inspiration…thank you for a raw chocolate flavoured morsel of our everyday misery and how we are hilariously unaware of it’s true scope.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on your raw is real book on chocolate and life…



    • My sweet Mine, I am so delighted to share what i have learned with amaziness like yourself and all those who are ready to shift. Beloved, you are the Light of all Lights… and you have been my strength and support for many many years. Thank you for your support, my sis.

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