To Be Loved and Adored. How and Why?


     Did you notice that some people are really fun to be around?

We really like hanging out with them and we just do not seem to get enough of their vibe.

      Life feels much more bearable and better when we are near people like that. It is like, all of a sudden there is a hope that things are going to turn out just fine and this messed up world seems not such a bad place, after all. These people are always happy and kind, they are always calm and they have this special twinkle in their eyes…. Oh, that little sparkly twinkle is so irresistible and charming that it is almost addictive. “What are you on? Give me some of that!”

      The best thing about those people is that we can share our darkest secrets and the most embarrassing f**k ups we managed in our lives, we can really loose it around them, and they just keep loving us and keep smiling and just keep twinkling and shining.

  It is as if they are saying: “So what? Life is beautiful anyway. Loving and shining is so much fun, that I don’t really have the time to judge anyone or react to bullshit. I have better things to focus on.”

 Nothing has the power to rob them off their Light or to stop them from having a good time.

 Here is the thing, darling.You can be one of those people. Yes, YOU. Why not?

 Do you have anything better to do with your life?

What is better than to be loved by people, to have authentic good friends, to be adored by someone absolutely outrageously awesome?

What is better than to feel a-ma-zing about being You?

Do you think that judging and gossiping, labeling and non-loving, feeling angry and miserable (the last two usually come with the first few) is a better choice of how to experience yourself as a decent human being?  If you do, than please stop reading right now and go engage in some low vibrational activity.  Feed the unconscious, play ‘I-am-the-life-expert, I-just-did-not-figure-out-yet-why-I-am-so-damn-miserable’ game.  Let’s see if I care. It is your Life, Your choices. Go!

 So, you stayed then, you keep reading. Good for you.  I get excited when I watch people change their choices, change their lives.

  Let’s drop the bullshit now and get really honest and curious. It does take courage to be honest, you know. Who needs more cowards? This world needs heroes! It needs those who dare to live, who dare to stand up for what they believe in. This world needs to rise its vibration and it is not going to do it without you, me, all of us. This world is us.

 A really good question to ask here is


      Did you ever think that knowing and experiencing someone for a few hours/days/years of their life does not actually give us any idea of who this person is? You know, very often we get to see the side of people that no one else does? Because we are meant to push each others buttons and resonate with each other in a very unique way. For some “unexplainable” reason we inspire the worst in some people and the best in other people. It takes two to tango, darling.

Did you ever look at the bigger picture of every relationship, every connection in your life and found the wisdom and clarity to see that we all have higher contracts with each other, or  “sacred agreements” as one beautiful teacher put it? There is nothing to say about it, there is a lot to learn from it though. It is just the way it is.

 Well, let’s skip going into that and find a shot cut to the high vibrational experience. It is always a good choice!

 Why stop judging? Why stop yelling? Why stop reacting to other people’s confusions and choices they make in their own lives? Why stop giving your power away? Why claim the right to be happy and balanced. Why be kind and loving? Why feel loved and adored? Why? Why?

To be happy, you silly.

To have people in your life who love you and adore you because you lifted them up with your loving, you made them feel accepted and included. You cared.

To feel really connected to others, to feel gratitude and awe.

 To have peace and harmony in your life.

 To have fun.

 To live an awesome life.

You can have all of that….. It is just not going to be delivered to you on a plate while you are sitting on your ‘I-know-it-all’ throne, finger-pointing. You have to make a few changes. Real change begins with you, darling.

Change your choices.. and you will change your life!

  So……… here are a few tips.

How to be Loved and Adored.

I guess, I do care after all.

-         - Make an effort to Change your attitude!  See it as changing your outfit.  Basically, I am saying here – Stop being an arrogant ass!  It does not serve the world, others or you.

-       -  Become curious about yourself, others and Life in general.

-         -Learn instead of judging. Listen instead of saying all those unnecessary words.

      -Allow others to be different to you. We are all unique; we are all a mystery, even to ourselves. Stay in awe of this magnificent experience called Life.

-Admit that you don’t know s..t about life. None of us does, angel. It is all one big mystery….. and we are all in it together.

       – Stay Humble!

-         -Stop failing at Love. Keep loving people as they are….. Do not stop loving them just because they did not fit around your life or molded themselves to suit your needs. That is not love, beloved. We do not owe anything to anyone.  We are all free Spirits, and Real Love shows us that – freedom!

- Work on yourself only. If you want to change something in your life, change yourself first.

-Remember that High Vibrational choices make High Vibrational people. High Vibrational people attract High Vibrational experiences and send amazing ripples all over the world. They are the ones with the real power, power to change the world.

 Thank you for hanging out here with me. The words come through me and for me, I know they come for many, and i enjoy sharing……  Now go and work on yourself, do something awesome that will change someone’s life and make this world a better place.

 Drop me a note when one morning you wake up and experience Yourself Loved and Adored.


A few steps to take…. if you want to wake up. Sharing from the Heart.

       When i was a simple London Glamor girl, proud of my Fendi purses and impressive shoes collection, never in a million years i thought that i would become the great advocate for meditation and other high vibrational choices. Even words like that used  to make me smile… or shall i say.. smirk.

If i heard  the words “meditation” or “yoga” somewhere between my cocktails, business meetings and manicure appointments, i would raise my eye brow and put that thought in a box that would be labeled “WEIRD” and just carry on with my everyday highly “meaningful” activities. I was making lots of money, so, in my mind, i was doing great  just as i was. Hippie free-spirited  folks and tree-hugging “weirdos” talking their, and those shining  people dressed in white certainly aroused my curiosity, but  they appeared  seriously alien to me. “What is that  weirdness all about? Get a job, people.”
    I had to be really sick and feel  terribly unwell in order to wake up and to open my closed and rigid clever mind to something outside the “normal”. I did  it the hard way, so someone like you can have it easy. I ran to meditation and yoga  because i did  not know what else to do to feel good about life. Everything else failed. Allergic to non-truth, most pharmaceuticals and  life destroying toxins in modern foods, i had to become acrobatically creative to stay alive, sane and well-functioning. I share  my journey, hoping to inspire you to change, to shift and to wake up to what you can call a real Life!
        Many of us live in big cities, far away from nature.We are surrounded by concrete walls and electric wires; living in a polluted environment, spending hours stuck in traffic, swearing and getting pissed off, eating our microwaved toxic dinners while staring at the screen of one of our numerous devises.  We drink fluoride water and have amalgam in our mouths; we have no idea what real food, love or real Life is.  We are also constantly bombarded by the media and we are basically told what we want to eat, what we want  to buy,  how we want to look, what is “hot” this season and blah-blah-blah…..This kind of existence appears normal to us.

 We are deprived of any ability to think properly or make any choices for ourselves. The sooner we  recognize this, the sooner we will awaken to the real life  that we can have, were designed to have..  and should have.

These are a few really simple steps that we can take to help ourselves to  wake up.

Take time to be SILENT.. Call it meditation or whatever.

I know, I know, I know! You heard all this before. Meditation, silence, yoga-shmoga crap….
Drop the words, angel. Those are just labels, they are simply inaccurate and failed attempts to capture the meaning of something that is astonishingly good for you. You will feel so good that you will start wondering why you have not done this before!
Stop watching the TV  and play games so much. You might think this kind of activity makes you more intelligent and educated, but really, it does not. it keeps you trapped in the Mind, confused about human life and meaningful existence.
Have conversations with your beautiful Self.  Ask  yourself intelligent questions and give yourself honest answers. No one is listening, but you. No one knows you better than you, No one will guide you better than you. No one cares about the course of your life more than you do. When  i say to new people  in my life that I talk to myself, first they  laugh at my “unusual” ways of being, but later they tell me that it was the best thing they heard and they started talking talking to themselves too. If you are too shy to talk  to yourself, OK, do not talk……. Just listen to Yourself!:-)
Educate your Soul as much as you educate your mind. True Intelligence is the one that will stay with us through space and time.  True Intelligence is the intelligence of the Soul. Make sure you invest  your precious time in something that is more solid than a sand castle.

Value what lives through You. It is not really You that you call “Me” experiencing this extraordinary magnificent phenomenon called Life.

Thank you for spending your time with me here. Now go and make the best out of it! Wake up and live!

 Truly yours,



How to LIVE and damn mean it…


We don’t get here landing on Earth with a guide on how to be a Human Being, do we?  No one says to us: ”Hey! Happy landing, darling. Here is a clear instruction on how to get the best out of this weird experience called Life. Read carefully before you proceed.”

We have no idea  how to  become happy without suffering too much, or how to make  a living without selling our time or  life force; or how to raise our kids without messing them up too much; or how to love one another without getting tired, or how to live without regret.

We are basically clueless. We learn as we go along and by the time we get a little understanding…. it is time to go/fly some other place that we are as clueless about. We are real fun, my human fellows! And we are all in it together.

The following guide has been ‘recorded’ for you by a person who owns nothing and has everything. By ‘Everything’ I mean those silly things like Freedom…. Passions…. Happiness…. Healthy Fit Body….  Flexible Mind…..Inner Joy… Loyal friends in  every corner of this planet….. Love…. and a sense of Fulfillment.

If you are looking for any of the above, get your pen and paper out and write a few things down. Why waste time reading some article and get nothing out of it?

Here it is, the list of choices to consider making for those of you who want to LIVE. Live and mean it.

Move Your Ass!

Yes. That is exactly what I mean. Without a clear understanding of how this phenomenal machine called ‘body’ works, we are living in a dark.

Your body is your point of reference to this realm. It is your home, your temple, your magical vehicle that takes you places and gives you pleasure and pain, teaching you about you and the world around, bringing you into the moment.. into NOW.  It likes to move, to jump, to run, to stretch.  Just like you, it likes to live. There is so much to choose from.

- go to the gym;


-do yoga or chi gong;

-do a little shake in the morning in front of a mirror while brushing your teeth. It is better than nothing.

Look at it like this. If you get a great car, let’s say, a “Ferrari” and you never take it for any kind of service or a nice drive, what will happen to it? I am sure you got my point.


I know what you think. The word “Me-di-ta-tion” has been as beaten up as many other highly meaningful words in this world. We hear it, but most of us do not  really  get it.  Allow me to re-word it for you, if you still do not meditate.  Sit down to REWIRE YOURSELF.

We don’t meditate to meditate, we take a few moments to rewire and reprogram ourselves, that is what we do. That silly act of sitting down quietly and doing nothing…. it is just a few breaths away, waiting for us to choose it.

IT HAS THE POWER TO ROCK OUR WORLD.  Just to make a point here, imagine this expensive looking, beautiful, and super grand mansion. Your mansion.

It has many floors and sexy spiral stare cases, it has bedrooms, it has a play room and a swimming pool, even a movie room. It is filled with so much great stuff. You name it, it has it.

The problem is, the house has no lights on.

It is dark and kind of scary, and has all those dark little corners that no one wants to see or know about. To make it livable, to make it fun, to make it interesting…. In short, to invite life in, you better put the lights on.

Sitting down sweetly and quietly to just be and feel what you are is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Switch the Lights on, beloved. There is no life and fun in a lifeless, dark house….. and no one wants to go there. You, stuck all alone in your dark scary mansion is not a way to live a life. Put some lights on. You will be amazed at how much joy it will give you.

Meditation is an act of Soul, you make your Soul shine. You turn all the Lights on, leaving no space for darkness. After a few times of our own ass-kicking with discipline and effort, it becomes the most enjoyable experience that no one can give us, take away from us or explain to us.  Once earned, it is ours!

I heard so much about this magical tool, I didn’t get it for a long time, but I am curious and determined to have great experiences, so I kept doing it. I wanted to see if it was really as great and magical as all my teachers told me it was. Now, over a decade later, I know it is the best thing any of us can do for ourselves, each other, and for the world.

ReWiRe Yourself, beloved.

Meditation is  a gift from us to us.  It is giving us a chance to create a different experience of who we thought ourselves to be.

Meditation builds our inner strength making us capable of anything. It allows us to be connected to the Higher Source and align with a bigger picture of Life.



Changing geographical places is not just fun. It is actually very educating and expanding experience on many levels. When we move through different realities, we shift energetically and we start seeing much further than the tip of our nose.  We get to know the world we live in – our home. We begin to question what is really REAL.

Was that glorious breakfast buffet that you had in a London 5 star resort real, or those hungry kids digging through the rubbish bags in a  stinky polluted area by the river of city of Kathmandu was real?

Are those ruins of sacred places and magnificent blue mountains real? Or the shiny sky scrapers are real?  If they are all real, which ones are more real?

While traveling we train our Mind and feed our Spirit; we begin to recognize that what is real for some is just a dream for others. We become more intelligent, deep, and wise; we become open minded and more Real.

Pack your bags, darling…. And free your Spirit. No one ever regretted going traveling.


Oh, this one!

Most of us have no idea how awesome we are actually designed to feel. You know that feeling, when you look around you, and you see all the shades of green and blue. You feel the breeze stroking your skin. You hear everything around and you feel the World breath. You are in awe of this planet, these people around you and you feel unexplainable sense of joy. Do you know that feeling?


If not, perhaps you are ready to experience yourself in a new way, a clear way, a fun way…. If you have not done a single detox in your life and feel heavy and grumpy and see the world as a gloomy kind of place, then definitely, it is time.

I know one thing. I cannot describe the taste of a Himalayan berry  or real raw chocolate to those who have not tried it. I am saying, try it and you might not ever want to live without it.

Detox cleans out not just our body, it gets rid of the fog in our mind and allows our entire being to repair itself.

One of the best books I ever got my hands on about detox is called “Detoxify or die.” I guess the author made a point, I don’t have to.



Think about this. This world is a beautiful and fun place only because those who create stuff, filled this chaotic and unjust world with their passions, with what they loved. We have art: movies to watch, paintings and sculptures to admire, we have books and poems to read and beautiful temples to visit. We have cars to drive, bridges to cross, toys and games to play, and internet to explore! All this stuff was created by someone like you, who lived and meant it. You  are reading this article because  truly yours is sitting here for hours making it happen.


Creativity is like breath. If you are one of those who think that you have no talent, may I say this to you? Just because you did not find something, does not mean it does not exist. Look! Look and you will find. Look for the way to express what lives through you. There is a purpose to your being here.

Carl Jung, the guy who really knows what he is taking about, said: ”But, If you have nothing at all  to create, then  perhaps you create Yourself.

Get Creative, Love!


Take Responsibility!

I hear this voice. It lives in the head. It says: “I wish I could move more, but I am so busy with work. I wish I could meditate, but I have no time for doing nothing, really. I wish I could travel, but I have no money. I wish I could create, but I have no talent..

I am too fat, too old, too tired, too busy, too sick…… too freaking-good-at-making-excuses. Bla-bla-bla”  I know all of those. I am a human, just like you. Get over yourself, darling. I have a Master Degree in EM ( Excuse Making)

Make a decision now. What do you want to spend your time on: Living your awesome life like you own it? Or watching life pass you by, envying others who live it and damn mean it?

It is Your Life, beloved. You are the one who drives here. Take responsibility!


Each breath is a miracle, a new chance to experience Joy of Life, Love, and Truth.

Take a deep breath NOW and feel its sacred presence, listen to its hidden wisdom. Follow it now. Let it guide you, let it teach you, let it take you to that place within where you are a real ‘smarty pants’ and you know  all of this,  you  just forgot for a while.

Close your eyes now.  Feel the Breath! One at a time.

Move it! Create it! Live it! Mean it!

Thank you for listening to my own reminding to myself.

Looking Hot and feeling awesome. Self-love is the secret.


          We all want to be loved, right?  This desire, this deep seated longing is something that we all have in common, no matter whether we are male or female, young or not, single or married, great-looking or not there yet, wealthy or poor, happy or still working on it…. We all want to feel accepted and loved, seen and recognized for what we really are and where we are. It is the way a human being is designed: we need food to eat to support our amazing physical machines, we need inspiration to keep our minds occupied; and we need food called ‘love’ to feed our souls so we can grow… You, me, that grumpy guy over there, that overweight lady, all of us, even those people whom we think to be the bad guys and we do not like them at all, they want to be loved too..

 And that is the way it is.  It is the law.  

        What I have observed during my being here, (45 years on planet Earth!) is how many of us are afraid to shine, afraid to love others, to love themselves or even look and act their best.  All these fears are there because love is not.

    Here is the secret of love for you.

Love with another is only possible when we know self-love first! Self-love is the secret that no one told us about. Self-love is the star gate to consciousness, to the “bliss” zone.   John Kehoe, a teacher of the Mind Power put it like this: ‘When we have relationship with our subconscious, we have everything!’ In my words: when we have awesome and loving relationship with ourselves, we have it all. The rest is a bonus.

       Self-love is what you are really after, darling. Self- love is awesome, self-love is power, self-love is being in your center and not needing to rely on anyone’s love on the outside to feel happy and elated. Self-love is sexy. Self-love is the key to human happiness. Your self-love is the key to Your happiness.

       Self-love is loving your body, loving your thoughts and loving your heart, as they are. The trick is to feel great about all of the above. And that is where the work begins. Acceptance is a good start.


Here is what I have observed about my own journey of self-love.  I share my personal experience here for one reason only – to help you see what you might want to see and learn from it.

          I was blessed to get here with a challenged body, very strong mind and a very open heart. Some combination that is, I tell you. So I had no choice but pay attention and build a loving relationship with all of the above. I guess it is my contract with the higher force – to live in a body of a sex Goddess with a weird philosopher mind and a heart of a sage. When I am not loving myself, my body gets sick; when  the body gets sick,  the mind gets  depressed… and  I would start having many doubts about my worthiness and purpose. We all know how much light we shine in that state of being.

       Through years of practicing love and awareness, I have learned to love and accept my limitations, to recognize the ego voice, to turn the volume down of the negative voices in my head…… and tap into what was real. Whatever I was learning I was teaching to others through yoga and  my way of being… and the other way around – whatever I was teaching others, I was learning myself.  I have been encouraging others to love their bodies through my yoga classes and numerous conversations for over 15 years now. Some said:  ‘If I had a body like yours, I would love it too.’  “Wait a second!” – I say. May be it is because I decided to love my body that it looks like this, and not the other way. How do you know what comes first? Ah?

        Here is a good question to ask yourself in the beginning of a new year, a new chapter of your life: Do I love myself? Do I love my body, that is nothing less but the temple of my Soul, my precious tool of consciousness, my human vehicle, my point of reference to NOW?  Do I have a great relationship with myself?

         If yes – awesome! I am sure you rock your world wherever you are, cos that is what we do when the work on a body level is done, we move on to the next stage of growth and expansion. Mind and Soul come next. Stop reading right now and send this article to those who might need it.

         If your answer is no, let’s find courage to look at ‘Why?’

 Start with the body. Let’s face it, when we are not in the body (  whether it is not well/overweight/unattractive/etc),  we are not feeling that great. When we don’t like the way we look, even if it is just one body part, we are not experiencing ourselves the best we can/could. When we are feeling insecure, small and non-attractive, we are not capable to relate to the outer world in a harmonious way. It is just the way it is. It is the Low.

        If you at a point in your life where you want to shift and change your relationship to the outer world, here is the tip for you – change your relationship with yourself first. How? Easy, if you want it badly enough!

    1. Sit down in silence and ask yourself some honest questions: start with your body, level 1. Forget the rest for now. Take the first step. Have a good conversation with it. It might say a few things you will be surprised to learn.

 2. Make a program of Self-Love. I know it sounds kind of weird, but who cares? You want to progress and feel happy, right? So do what it takes to get there. Write down a list of things that you want to start doing to begin a new relationship with yourself. Start walking or working out, take up the dry brushing or saunas, join yoga classes, take a new course in some great activity. Start eating new food that your body will benefit from. Consider super foods, they are the real medicine.

3. Find amazing books or awesome videos that will help you get inspired. You are ready!

 Another good question to self-dig.

Did you know that many of us are unconsciously afraid to look and feel our best?

    Many people have built this armor around them to protect themselves from attention, from the responsibilities of relating to others, from intimacy, in short, from life. I would know, I was one of them. Shrinking and hiding is so much easier, isn’t it? According to Gabriel Cousens, M.D., the author of ‘Conscious Eating’ many people “fear receiving too much attention and the demand for intimacy this would bring up.”  How accurate that is! The guy has written a book on conscious eating, but we all know that eating is a part of living. So, conscious living is what it is all about.

     Have a good look at yourself and ask what it is that you are afraid of, if you are not in ‘the body yet’. I will be honest with you here, it is not always a picnic to look hot and feel awesome. We are not living on a deserted island, we are all here sharing the same space, showing each other what life is like for each of us and often challenging each other to grow. I had to learn to live with being called ‘sexy’ when I know that I am much more than that. When we become our best versions of ourselves, we have more challenges to deal with and lessons to learn. That is why we are here.

           Please understand one fundamental truth about how it works to be a human being: If we don’t build a loving and harmonious relationship with what we call ‘Me’, we have zero chance to have it with anyone else. Ze-ro! No one will fill that emptiness inside, no matter how much they love us.

    We must come out of the fear zone and ‘shine’. That is the only choice, if we want to experience feeling loved during our human existence, and.. let’s be honest… we all do!

      And here is another secret for you – Self-Love is the real love that you are longing for. And as long as you hate your body and don’t really like your pictures and are ashamed to admit all ‘the ups’  you have managed, you are doomed, baby! Stuck and stagnated. Why sentence yourself to a loveless existence when you can shine your best to this world and be the love that you want??? Once you find the self-love, and that is the inside job, externally you will attract so much love that you could never dream of. Dealing with it is another story and perhaps I cover it in my next blog.



 Here is the conclusion, angels. Come out and shine your best!

 Be the best person you know. Work on yourself relentlessly.

Be prepared to deal with the consequences that come with looking hot and feeling awesome. You will get attention and it will not always be good. It is ok. Many people in this world hate their bodies and cannot find the power to change it. Don’t take it personal. It is their stuff, not yours. Inspire them by being the best You!

       You might encounter those who will think they love you, but they don’t  see the real you beyond your stunning looks.  Be selective and wise. Show your heart to people as much, so they know what you are really made of. Don’t shrink because of the fear of being misunderstood and judged.

      Be brave to be the best you can, physically, mentally and spiritually. You are here to live and love out loud.

     By loving yourself and embracing your own journey you give permission to others to do it too. Conscious is new ‘sexy’.


Thank you for spending time with me here. May you find your self-love and shine your awesomeness to this world the best you can. The world needs it.

Is there LOVE on line?

       A few decades ago these wonders like FB, Twitter, Blogs, Gravatar, # tags, etc….. they were unheard of, in my world, that is. When did it all start and what planet was I on? What did we do with all the time we are spending on line these days?

      Being a Yoga teacher, you know, all shanti-bindi-lovelight  kind of girl, I personally had a serious problem with  the life style that came with those wonders. Just a few years ago I was astonished to hear that some people choose to spend 9 hours in front of their blinking devices, all slouched and glued to the screen. Come on, people! Don’t you have a life to live? When do you do yoga, create  stuff, make your smoothies and take care of kids, etc?

         I also remember the feeling that I was not going where the world was going.  I felt as if there was this big great energy taking place and I was not a part of it. It is like the train was leaving and I was not on it. I still know a few people who never heard about Skype (my mum and my friend’s nana) and they do not own a computer. I thought to be like that too, thank God I got over myself. “Computers? Technology? What Bullshit! We should all live with nature, sing mantras by the fire and watch the stars together. We need to get rid of all the nonsense, meditate, hug each other and learn to communicate telepathically!” Yes, these used to be my thoughts…….   

       Here I am, 10 years later, in a yoga pose, that keeps my spine erect, glued to my own blinking devise, learning, sweating and swearing non yogicly at times. Wow, and I thought that head stand was hard to learn.  I wonder if I ever manage to meditate my way through this one. I learn about Gravatar, I google how to use WordPress, how to re size pictures… and all the other stuff, you know. Why do I do this? Why do I make my life so much harder? Having a demanding yoga body with a strict discipline, and a Russian dyslexic mind is already enough to deal with. We all have a life to live, zillion of things and people to take care of, food to prepare, places to go to (oh, they better haveWi Fi). Why do we do all this? Why do we run to our computers that became our best friends? Seriously, I find myself more and more often sitting next to someone who’s company I really enjoy and have a lot to share with, staring at my blinking device, writing, speaking to friends who are far away. Holy guacamole! Why?

  After looking deeply into the subject, from the yogic point of view, you know the one that wants us all by the fire place, singing and dancing, chanting and sharing….. I came to realize this.

      The world has changed tremendously, whether my bindi-shmindi, shanti-shmanti lovelight kind of girl likes it or not. We have more on our plates today than we had a decade ago.  The pace of the world is faster. The pulse of the Universe has changed. We have a lot to breathe through; we have more things to learn, more subjects to explore and more activities to engage in… if we want to stay aligned. We want to stay connected to the world as it is right now, and with each other.  We blog, we Facebook, we Twitter… on top of all the other stuff we have to do as human beings.

     We are making an effort to stay together, even if it is just on line…. Who cares? I am in Thailand and you are in Tokyo and we can share a few intimate moments together…. on line.

        We upgrade ourselves and each other by sharing ourselves with one another… We stay together not geographically, but energetically. Who cares if we are not gathered by the fire place, right? We are still in this together. I convinced myself that learning to navigate through the web world is just like learning yoga: it is hard at first, you kind of don’t know why you bother making that huge effort… but then you feel good and connected at the end.

    I believe in many things in this world, good things, and awesome things. Above all, I believe that INSPIRATION is the greatest of gifts we can offer to others. We never know where our honest words will go and who’s life will be influenced by our truth.  Whether we do it through a spoken word or a written word makes no difference at all. It is our energy that travels through space and time without any limits. We can smile at each other from opposite sides of this planet. We can reach out from our bedrooms, through our laptops and make a difference in this world.

So, is there a life on line?. I never thought I would be the one to say this. Yes. Abso.. freaking.. lutely. On line….Off line….. Out of line. Life is where Love is. We are all connected through our heart beats and loving thoughts of each other. We are connected though love and deep caring for one another; whether we are in the same room, by the same fire place or in different countries is irrelevant. Love takes place in the heart…. And heart beats are everywhere. As long as we remember that…. we are doing fine!

What is in my Chocolate? I want to know!


I never knew how bad  the Chocolate Situation was until i decided to dig deeper and actually research what  commercial chocolates are made of. It is healthy to get curious about stuff especially when we put it into our most amazing magical “machines” called body.

  After falling in love with the Real Chocolate that still remains a mystery to most humanity, I started writing a book on healthy chocolate. I was inspired by the whole 8 years of my love affair with raw and real cacao.  I came to love and value this magical food substance so much, that i just cannot  seem to stop talking about, writing about it and sharing what i have learned about it on my personal journey of  self-healing and searching for the truth.

  My original intention for the book that  decided to call itself “Chocolate Revolution” was simply to share my  passion for this extraordinary/healing/high vibrational super food. I ended up  learning so much more than i ever intended to. This article is a result of my curiosity and intense research.  It is for those of you who want to know what real food is, and what it should be or can be like, and what we have available to us right now. This is my gift  to all those chocolate intelligent people, like you. 

The following text is an extraction from the book that  is writing itself through me, it is dedicated to the magical  subject – Chocolate. This part of the book is the darkest one. Well, sometimes, we have to move through the darkness so we can get to the Light.

“Here are a few words to add to our chocolate education. These are food additives that are being used in commercial chocolate, and of which you have had your share by now if you are a chocolate lover. A few of these have been banned  in some countries, but they are still on the market.You decide whether they are ‘trick or treat’ I will mention just a few here.

White Sugar.

This is an unnatural addictive substance produced by refining sugar cane (or sugar beets), which strips away all the goodness and is then processed it until it becomes literally a ‘dead substance’. The human body struggles to handle it. “The damage it does is slow and insidious. It takes years before it ruins your pancreas, your adrenal glands, throws your whole endocrine system out of kilter and produces a huge list of damage.” ( It causes diabetes, heart disease, and hypo/hyperglycemia.


- Powdered Dairy Products.

This is a so-called food substance that is used a lot in the commercial chocolate making (to produce milk chocolate varieties) which blocks our ability to absorb life-saving antioxidants that can be readily available to us if we choose to consume our chocolates clean and raw. The powder is made from the milk of the cows that are fed by sprayed greens, that came from genetically modified seeds. Add all the injections that the milk-giving animals have during their life time, and you will have a clear picture of how natural and healthy that powder is. I would say, think  of dry puss powder. (Apologies for creating that image.)


-BHA- Butylated Hydroxyanisole.

It is a petroleum-derived preservative that many of us have difficulty metabolizing. I wonder why? There is proof that it causes health and behavioral changes. “This is obviously not added for the purpose of giving people cancer, but for some people, some of the time, there may be that risk.” (From ‘The Top 12Harmful Food Additives’).


-High Fructose Corn Syrup.

HFCS is a highly refined artificial substance that increases your LDL (bad cholesterol) and causes tissue damage. It is known to be a number one source of calories in the USA. If you live in that part of the world and see many people who struggle with extra weight, you know why. It is also the favorite food of cancer cells, which thrive on it.



It is a gelling agent used in making your gummy candies. It comes from collagen derived from beef bones and calf or pork skin.  Pork skin Chocolate, anyone?



 It is an emulsifier made from soya beans (I hear GMO, do you?)  “It is used in the “old world” chocolates to create a smoother texture and reduce the cacao butter content.” (From ‘Common Food Additives in Candy’). It saves money for the manufacturer, adding zero value to the chocolates and possibly adding genetically modified substances.



It is a white powder, made from starches of corn, rice, wheat and potatoes. It is used as a bulking agent… to add weight to the final product. It is yet another food additive that saves money for commercial chocolate makers. “Maltodextrin should be a subject of suspicion, because it is an unnecessary additive.” ( I would say that the “old world” chocolate bars are all made with unnecessary ingredients. Something that looks and tastes good is made out of poisons and nothingness, all wrapped up attractively and sold as something we consider a necessity these days. Very smart business-wise, but not kind or considerate, in my opinion.


-Aspartame (E951).

It is an artificial sugar substance, a neurotoxin that has been linked to kidney and brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, lupus ( truly yours knows this one far too well), fibromyalgia and mental confusion. This toxic poison can cause dizziness, headaches and nausea. Aspartame is “known to erode intelligence and affect memory.”( It is also an extremely weight gaining substance. “How FDA allows this remains a mystery.”(



Poliricinoleate is a relativily new chemical used in commercial chocolate making. Next time you go shopping, turn the  “Hershey’s” bar over. It is a ‘yellowish viscous liquid composed of polyglycerol esters from policondensed fatty acids extracted from castor oil. It may also be extracted from soya oil’, ( I almost broke my tongue trying to pronounce those words. According to Wikipedia chocolate makers use it to reduce the cost of raw materials. “The FDA deemed PGPR safe for humans… as long as you restrict your intake to 7.5 mg per kilo of your weight… Otherwise you are open to liver enlargement.” ( I knew something with a name like that cannot possibly be a super food. Why would you want to replace cacao butter with this UFO? To save money on our ignorance. Who came up with such a thought?  I leave this to you to find out.


-Shellac, Lac.

Oh, well! Get ready for this one, my absolute favorite.

“Shellac is a wood polishing product. It is often used to give furniture, guitars and even AK-47 that special shine.”

“Shellac is derived from the excretions of the Kerria Lacca

insect”. The process is simple.

“They scrape that shit right off the tree. Unfortunately for you and your future enjoyment, this leaves little room for quality control measures to guarantee that the insects themselves aren’t scooped up also. Once that happens and it almost always does, the insect simply becomes part of the shellac making process, and the candy-making process, and the candy eating process.”(

Are you laughing, crying, or screaming? I have done all  of the above and decided to make my own chocolates from the ingredients that I know to be super foods, and share this information with all those who want to know what REAL really is.


“Common Food Additives in Candy”

‘The Top 12 Harmful Food Additives’

my challenged health,

 and LIfe!

 Thank you for reading my article. Let’s stay in touch  and keep shining the Light of Truth to all those who  search for it.

What the fuck is this all about?… Shall we remember?

I always thought that my life was really hard.  Anyone else out there who is in the same boat with me? Let’s have a real conversation: no weather talk, no nonsense, no pretense and no spiritual bullshit…… You know, how we like to show only our strong side to the outer world hiding behind the mask of what we think we should be? Did you suffer in life? I bet you did.

I suffered a lot, and I got to experience a lot of pain. I was also deeply embarrassed about it. Secretly I always wondered “What the fuck is this all about? Am I such a bad person to deserve all this? Are others having the same human  roller coaster  ride?”

Why does  stuff  happen  to us?

Things happen to us so we can read into who we  really are  … I remember being a cute little girl (a while ago that was), sitting on my little bed, and what I see is this heavy  hard cover book flying  across the room right towards my face. Bash!  Explosion! It hit my nose and broke it. That is how I remembered that I was a human, I was made of flesh and blood, and now I had the full experience of it.  I never forgot the name of that book and the name of the innocent author was forever imprinted into my memory bank not  in a good way.  I remember   another experience – I was a teenager, hanging off the balcony, holding on to what I thought was the last moment of my life. I still hear the sound of my own voice “Mum, do not let me die.” My mum was so upset about something that she, forgetting herself (don’t you just find that expression interesting?) was throwing off the balcony her only child.  That is my current point of view.

………From the hanging point of view of where I was at that moment the world looked very different. The stars were blinking above my angry mother’s face; the quietness of the moment was loud enough for me to hear my own heartbeat. I felt that eternity was out there… always ready to open its arms to catch me. That is how I remembered for the first time that there was another home out there, the real home. I just suddenly knew it. There is a place, a glorious place out there that has none of this pain. It is just pure and luminous, and that is where I came from. That is where we all came from.

30 years later, after the “balcony moment”, and after many other special moments in life, I woke up one morning from some great dream and I remembered.  All of a sudden I knew why was all this suffering, why was all this pain.

I had this dream, I am sure you had one of those too, that leaves you with a new feeling of being you. It is like as if your heart knows. In my dream I was walking the streets of this planet, our planet,  marveling at everything around: trees, clouds, people, even roads, shops and traffics. Everything was new and exciting. Everything was inviting to be explored and to be loved. I was experiencing myself with a great sense of curiosity and awe.  “Wow! That is how it feels to be a human!”

It suddenly dawned upon me, that where we came from, we have none of this: no emotions, no feelings, nothing to identify with, nothing to learn, nothing to lose  or get upset about, nothing  to do… nothing to be…. nothing… nothing… NOTHING.

And here, we have it all – stars and clouds to watch, flowers to smell,  friends to hug, faces to love, to touch; emotions to own and feelings to feel.  It is so bloody entertaining (literally, as some of us know).

In this dream I saw this unfamiliar creature, kind of Avatar looking, and seriously enormous. You watched the movie, you know. I remember   the fear that I felt at first. I was afraid. I got scared of this sudden appearance of totally new and unknown energy. Many “what ifs” were loudly driving through my ever busy head. While all this noise was happening, I noticed a big smile that  my Avatar friend had… Unknown was approaching me with a smile.  I was beginning to notice what a graceful magnificent creature he was!! Fear turned into curiosity. I just stood there, waiting for what was about to happen. I felt curiously open and almost excited. I was looking forward to connect with the uncertainty, I was longing to lock eyes with the unknown and have a new experience. It was something new to identify with, to play with, to learn from.

I will have new experiences in life, and so will you.

It is just the way it is. Why should we limit ourselves to only what is already known? Same people… Same feelings…. Same range of emotions…Same places…Same chair…Same conversations…. Your boyfriend /girlfriend left you, so what? Get excited! Someone new, sensitive and awesome might be just on the way to hold you and make you  laugh like you never thought you could. You lost your job and worry about paying bills. So what? Pack up your bag and go someplace where you can afford to be, you just might find yourself really happy sitting somewhere on the beach under the twinkling stars, playing guitar with not a worry in the world.  You got sick and now wonder where you go from here. Look at your life from another perspective, revaluate your goals and priorities and decide how you want to experience yourself through this. Even if you do not know how to be and what to do, there is a way to feel good  about it.

We get trapped and heart broken, we get disappointed and depressed. We wonder why this is happening to us. We think that others hurt us and we close our hearts and lose faith. Here is what we forgot – No one hurt us really – we use others to hurt ourselves so we wake up and get a grip on the bigger picture of ourselves. Yogis figured that out ages ago. You, yes you….   Just for today, marvel at everything that happens to you, see it as just another experience that you wanted to have to entertain yourself. It is more fun that way. In case you think “What the heck is she talking about? She is not the one who is sick/broke/heartbroken/hopeless/ jobless/challenged.” I tell you this – I have been all of those things and I am still here, yogaing around the world, navigating through what is called Life with  smile on my face.  Move though the day as if you have chosen it that way.

Embrace it all: difficult people, who forgot it all and act like total assholes (no offence to real assholes, I can be that too), situations that make us feel like we have no power, health issues that disturb our mental balance and make us wonder “why me”…. whatever. Embrace it all and remember to choose how you want to feel.

Take a deep breath and get curious about the next moment that is about to take place. Smile in the mirror and stay open. Your bigger version of yourself already knows that all is fine. It is just another experience to marvel at. Another moment of a mysterious journey called Life. Open your arms and your heart and let it happen.

Do you want to know what happened next when my new Avatar friend came really close?

I remember the smile, so warm and kind that I immediately felt at ease, he was a friend (a bit odd-looking, but a friend nevertheless) . I could not help but being friendly too; I put my hand out to touch his face as he was leaning closer. I marveled at the uniqueness of his features and felt his warm skin. He closed his eyes as if to savor the moment, took my other hand and gently placed it on the other side of his face. I held this big blue smiling face between my hands wide apart and marveled at the experience. We stood there,  me and my unknown, sharing the same reality, called now.

I woke up and that is how I remembered very clearly that we are here just to collect experiences, like some collect stamps or cars. Whatever we are going through is just another experience, yet another entertainment for our Soul. We get messy and angry, we hide and cry, we get stuck on  some things  and get trapped in  reactions, we do things that we are not proud of…. And often  we are afraid. We forgot that everything that happens to us is just another picture that our “inner camera” takes. We can hide from it, run from it, reject it and not like it, but it is what it is.

Whatever it is that you are going through right now, beloved friend, dive in with both hands, both legs and full heart. Go for it! Find the courage to just be where life took you. Every new experience is just another friend wanting to connect and be a part of this fascinating journey that we call life … And let’s not forget, it will not last forever. A bunch of decades is all that we have here.  At the end of the human journey we will not even remember what that pain and suffering was all about. We will be home….

Ah, so clever I am when I remember… Let’s see now how quickly I will forget this and get trapped again in yet another human experience of myself…

An open letter to modern Yogis. Yogi-to-Yogi talk.

         Dear Modern Yogis,

          Lets get Real now and have a serious conversation on where we go from here.
       No standing on our heads or having long hamstrings is going to make this world a better place. It is truly wonderful that we chose to engage in this fascinating science and keep our bodies fit and balanced. But is it enough? Is losing weight, looking hot in our yoga outfits, and touching our toes what Yoga is really about? What about our minds, or our hearts? Are they bending and opening up as much?

     Are we becoming more beautiful on the inside? Are we working on our mental flexibility to see the perfection in what we do not understand? Are we learning to embrace the challenges of-the-yoga-mat-life and truly becoming a healing presence in this world? Or… we just keep pushing our mental way through life, hurting others by our resistance to become conscious and get real, while intellectualizing about spirituality and Yoga?

        Yoga is about finding our way to Harmony within ourselves, with everything and everyone around. We do not need to own a yoga mat or sing OM to be a yogi, and we certainly do not need to  use our flexible and awesome-looking bodies to make others feel limited and small. Let us  arise above the body.

       All we need is the deep seated desire in our hearts to connect to everything and everyone around in a new, harmonious way. We must learn to love each other, through all our differences…. especially those who challenge our  “love muscle”.

      Yoga is about finding the courage to challenge our limited self! Yoga is a call to freedom from the mental trap.

      Yoga is about learning to see everything on the outside as an invitation to grow and expand on the inside. If we take our yoga practice a little deeper than picking a sexy yoga outfit and working on our Trikonasana, we will know and feel the  deeper truth. There is nothing wrong with choosing a great yoga outfit, as long as we choose as careful our attitude with it. Let us choose kindness. Let us choose love.

        Let us find our way to the space within that allows us to become a silent observer, a kind Lover of all things!!! We must learn to navigate through all the challenges and mental traps to see the Truth, that has been hidden underneath those thoughts, attitudes, opinions, likes and dislikes… and all the crap that we are so used to identify with.

      We are parts of ONE, same heart beats are pulsating in harmony all around this messed up but somehow beautiful world! Who cares about how different our choices are on the experience of being a human being. I am just another You… and you are another version of Me. “In Lakesh” as Maya say.

      Let us work on being real Yogis. Let us engage with the world around as if it was the only home…  We forgot that it is.

      Let us connect to others as if they were our sisters and brothers that we care about. We forgot, that is who they are.  Let us work on our perception and our own awareness.  It is the Self that is the switch to the Transformation. Lets press that button.

     Let others walk their paths honoring and respecting their own pace. Let us do the yoga with our minds and our hearts, so we can assist those who are still looking for their ways! Let us help each other feel that we are parts of One Harmonious Cosmic Orchestra… playing at all times… even for those who do not wish to hear it. Let us feel Loved. Let us unite and than we can say that we practice Yoga.

Shared in a spirit of Love and Compassion.